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Seniorform is a joined Erasmus+ project between SOSU NORD, Denmark, Steincke SoundLab, Denmark, Sonokids DK, Denmark and Valga County Vocational Training Centre, Estonia.



Push a button and get in better shape

SeniorForm is a new exercise and activity program for citizens in nursing homes. The program has been developed in close collaboration with the professional staff.

SeniorForm consists of a series of exercises, which are presented on video with specially composed music accompaniment, which is carefully adapted to the user group. Between the individual exercises, there are breaks where photos of well-known locations can form a framework for social interaction.

SeniorForm is a custom plug & play tool that can be initiated by caregivers as well as volunteers.

It could not be easier.

Seniorform video exercises

1: Start the program by a click/tap on the play icon:
2: Select fullscreen in the down right corner by a click/tap on the icon:
3: Select optional a higher video quality by a click/tap on the icon:

Tested at multiple nursing homes

During the development, the program has been continuously tested and tested by a dozen nursing homes throughout the country

Based on the users 'feedback, the program is adapted and adjusted based on the users' wishes.


The Challenge

As a volunteer in a nursing home, we must state that the staff only has limited time to initiate joint exercise activities for the residents.
In the future, this will only get worse, because according to the Danish Chamber of Commerce, the proportion of older people over eighty years within the next five to six years will have increased by 80,000 people.
Some of these citizens will need a nursing home place. The nursing staff will therefore be further challenged to initiate exercise activities for the residents.

The share of elderly people continues to increase

The population of the EU on 1 January 2022 was estimated at 446.7 million. Older people (aged 65 or over) had a 21.1 % share (an increase of 0.3 percentage points (pp) compared with the previous year and an increase of 3.1pp compared with 10 years earlier).

Source: Eurostat

The solution - or part of it

Thus, there is a need for welfare technology solutions that the staff can implement without preparation.

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